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 Discount Theatre Tickets London. Though posters for the popular shows are often splashed "now taking bookings for 6 months ahead", or "sold out" do not despair. There should be no need to pay the outrageous prices demanded by touts often found outside some theatres before curtains up. Buyer beware tickets sold by touts have known to be counterfeit. One tout outside the Prince of Wales Theatre was trying to buy tickets only in his own words to 'bung on' a 40 mark up, (that some gullible and desperate tourist soon paid).

Our tips to find tickets for musicals London. Do not buy tickets from back street outlets, tickets with no serial numbers, or with the selling price obscured, or in a sealed envelope. All might be forgeries. Know what the face value is, beware of booking fee's, sometimes even the theatre themselves levy such fees. Be shown a seating plan, know where upon is your seat. Make yourself aware if the ticket offered is "view is restricted", it might only be a safety rail, though it could be a pillar.

garrick With persistence and by exercising common sense you are more likely to find a genuine ticket offering a decent view for the performance of your choice. Try phoning or visiting the box office direct, ask them about returns. Some theatres hold back a limited number of tickets for release to first comers on the day to try and beat the touts. Phone authorized ticket agents to see if they any last minute offers.

Be prepared to accept a different seat to that of your first choice, or settle for a Matinee Performance. Week end and Friday performances are always more popular than mid week. Search the web for reputable Agents, and outlets. See if there are any "Get into London Theatre" ticket offers.

Returns. No matter how popular the show each performance will have returns. Sometimes these are sold as they come sometimes one has to join the returns queue.

Half price tickets

 leicester-square Half price Tickets There are numerous unofficial so called half price ticket outlets, particularly around Leicester Square. Long queues form before opening time outside the Society of London Theatre Official Half Price Ticket Booth. This is the small stand alone octagonal clock tower building on the south side of the Square. This is now called tkts Leicester Square- it only sells tickets usually half priced, for that day's shows- with a small booking fee added on. "tkts is the only official half price and discount theatre ticket operation in London".

Beware of the small print displayed by some shops purporting to be half price ticket booths, as some may only in fact offer tickets that are full price", on top of which there will normally be a booking fee of up to 20%, far higher than that you would have to pay at the Official Booth. Even worse are touts that may try and sell you a grossly overpriced ticket or a person selling you a ticket that you later find is "not valid", i.e. a forgery.

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